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Premiere 14, 15 & 16 Oct 2021

at OFF Theater / WHITE BOX - Vienna


Michael Loizenbauer

Künstlerische Leitung und Choreografie: Elio Gervasi
Choreografische Unterstützung: Alberto Franceschini
TänzerInnen: Luca Zanni, Megan Castro,Annalisa Di Lanno und Paula Dominici
Bühnenbild: David Bianchini
Lichtdesign: Julian Vogel
Komposition und Livemusik: Alessandro Vicard
Kostüme: Alina Amman
Dramaturgische Beratung: Karl Baratta

Silence is as full of meaning as speech. And it can mean a retreat, into a world of silence where one seeks refuge from the outside world. This step can become the recommended norm in certain historical situations. A group of dancers remain in isolation and silence. Their communication consists only in reflections and interactions with metallic forms. Choreographically, they nurture themselves from the minimalism of isolation, but also from complex and introverted movements that happen between them and suggest an abundance of unstable relationships. Being thrown back on oneself in times of pandemic has led to melancholy and an increased narcissism in many. The group of dancers fantasizes about the reverberations of this development: about Consciousnesses that have to find themselves anew through reflection in industrial surfaces and compete with each other in a space permeated by absence of physical contact.

A production of the Tanz Company Gervasi in cooperation with the OFF-Theater. Supported by the Wien Kultur (MA7) and the Austrian Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES).

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