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Premiere 24 & 25 Oct 2023

at Odeon Theater Vienna


Gervasi Tanz Company

Konzept und Choreografie: Elio Gervasi
Performers: Julia Lundberg, Benedykt Król, Francesca Russo, Íris Ásmundardóttir, Joe La Luzerne, Mairi Giannoula, Nicola Manzoni, Sophia Barr, Paula Dominici und Perle Cayron.
Musik: Alessandro Vicard
Künstlerische und choreografische Unterstützung: Alberto Franceschini
Dramaturgie: Karl Baratta
Licht und Bühne: Elio Gervasi und Leo Kuraite

Elio Gervasi's approach to dance has been profoundly shaped by the influence of Trisha Brown. In his latest piece, he reflects on his own artistic journey and delves into the liberated space that Brown's choreography has unveiled, alongside an international ensemble of 10 dancers. At its heart, the performance showcases a dance that breaks free from narrative constraints, self-contained and forging its own lexicon to imbue the motion of bodies with meaning. This distinctive artistic language, melding abstraction with emotion, empowers bodies to heed their own latent desires.

"BROWN-1" emerges as a social microcosm, fluctuating between the realms of chaos and order, drawing inspiration from Trisha Brown's "unstable molecular structure." Here, dancers construct intricate systems, "houses" of movement, which they both employ and inhabit, only to allow them to naturally dissolve. Their limbs engage in a dialogue with the surrounding space-time continuum and interact with unassuming geometric objects, sparking an abundance of unexpected movements

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