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by Polina Kliuchnikova & Aleksandr Kuzin

Special Guest: Alessandro Vicard

24/02/2023 19:30

At RAUM 33
Laxenburger Straße 28/30
1100 Wien




Toma Kurguzova

Where to start

Dance: Polina Kliuchnikova

Sound: Aleksandr Kuzin

The inspiration for their project stemmed from the human tendency to analyze past actions, and how those decisions have resulted in present circumstances. They sought to recreate this mental time-traveling into physical embodiment, which will also be experimented with in the realm of sound. Their project aims to explore the complexity of movement expression, creating a space for self-discovery in this time of uncertainty. Their research is dedicated to understanding how the mind and body can deal with the sensation of moving backwards and imagining different scenarios that could have happened if different decisions were made.

Painting with sound

Performance: Alessandro Vicard
Instruments: double bass, computer


The performance is a unique fusion of Jazz Music and computer-generated video imagery. The artist, playing a double bass, interacts with a system that reacts to the sound to trigger an autonomous process of creating video artwork. The system has ground rules that include random or semi-random elements to add an element of unpredictability to the process. The goal is for the artist to be surprised by the outcome, resulting in a departure from the traditional understanding of artistic control. The resulting performance blends technology and art in an innovative way, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience.


Food: Elio Gervasi

with: all the guests 

Free entrance, but booking in advance is mandatory.

Spazio-di-ricerca is an artistic residency program that caters specifically to dance artists and young choreographers. This program provides a unique opportunity for selected artists to work in RAUM 33, the space of the Gervasi Tanz Company, for a duration of two weeks. In addition to access to this space, participating artists receive dramaturgical and choreographical supervision, as well as the chance to collaborate with a composer. The culmination of the residency is the presentation of the artists' work in front of a select audience. At the Tanz Company Gervasi, we strongly believe in the value of artistic exchange and are dedicated to supporting the next generation of dance artists. Our mission is to provide opportunities for young and promising artists to showcase their work while fostering meaningful connections between artists and audiences.

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